Stanza 30


The sergeant next required his men to frisk
The visitors to counter any risk
That on their persons they were carrying
Explosives, firearms, knives, or anything
That could be used against the officers
Who would be meeting with the villagers.
The search was carried out with no complaint
Until an unacceptable constraint
Required the clerics' turbans be removed
So that by searching them it could be proved
That neither man hid weapons near his head.
The ayatollah and his colleague said,
"Our turbans mark us as religious men.
We do not understand why we have been
Insulted. To this action we object."
The sergeant said, "We mean no disrespect.
However, we must follow policy
That has been set for our security.
If you desire to meet with the CO,
The turbans on your heads have got to go."