Stanza 37


The clamor from the women loudly pours
And bitter agitation underscores
The horror that reduces them to tears.
The loudest voice that Abu Hassan hears
Belongs to the young mother of his son
Whose anguish supersedes what everyone
Is suffering from this unwelcome news.
"How could the Christian possibly excuse
Intentional attacks against a boy
And actively endeavor to destroy
A little child who is so innocent?"
The echo's of the mother's sentiment
Against the evil colonel who defiled,
With callous disregard, a little child,
Impresses all who listen to her grief.
Then Musa takes his son to seek relief
By placing him within the sayyid's hands,
And as he does his gratitude expands.
The man of God with gentleness sublime
recites these words to counteract the crime.