Stanza 38


"In name of God whose mercy is most great
And lasts forever
, may the reprobate
Not be allowed his curses to impose
Upon this infant. As the baby grows,
If God is willing, may His guidance prove
That Satan has no influence to remove
A single hair upon this young boy's head,
Much less to hold him hostage. May the dread,
That like a heavy load, now crushes this
Devout and pious family turn to bliss.
May peace be in this household ever more
From now until Muhammad Mahdi's war!"
The blessing brings relief to everyone.
They thank the ayatollah when he's done.
However, he replies, "Do not thank me.
Thanks be to God, by whose authority
Our ultimate protection is assured."
The grateful family accepts his word
And every person feels within his heart
The horror lessen, and the grief depart.