Stanza 44


"But thanks to God who gave intelligence
And wisdom of surpassing excellence
With which the ayatollah scored a blow
That made the foul conniver undergo
The same humiliation he contrived
For us to feel. Our mujtahid deprived
Him of the satisfaction he desired
With simple eloquence we all admired
By saying, 'We will pay you back ten fold
For all your insults.' Then we rose and strolled
Away from that disgusting man whose face
Displayed confusion and revealed disgrace."
Now as he finishes the sad report
Recounting how the colonel made such sport
Of those who went to him to offer peace,
The women who prepare the meal release
The information that the food is done
And it is time to summon everyone,
So Musa's father tells him, "You must go
Inform the other guests who do not know."