Stanza 43


The final insult Musa now relates,
"Although his prior action indicates
That he desired destruction and disgrace
In equal parts to overwhelm this place,
His ultimate affront was devious
And demonstrates his evil genius.
He served us coffee in these massive mugs."
Now Musa pauses and with wonder shrugs.
"I guess he thought we might ignore the clue
That coffee promptly ends the interview
Unless he overemphasized the point
And undertook precautions to acquaint
Us with his prejudice beyond all doubt.
He practically instructed us, 'Get out.'
These were the words he stated gleefully,
'You need a reason to converse with me.'
I felt my heart in further sadness sink
Because the coffee was too hot to drink
So we could not comply with his demand
As quickly as the infidel had planned.