Stanza 46


Now Musa's father does not press his case
For Ibrahim allows him to save face
By not consuming what had been prepared
To serve the ayatollah and be shared
With those who came to help the sayyid raise
The funds that would be used in coming days.
The engineer departs the domicile
And is replaced, when in a little while,
The ayatollah's underlings appear.
The guests receive the local mullah's cheer,
For lamb and rice and beans along with bread
Upon a tray are generously spread,
And this is placed before the honored guests
To ease their hunger. To preempt requests
For anything the guests might want or need,
The local cleric demonstrates the speed
With which he can direct the other men
To fill a drinking glass with liquid when
Its level drops to half capacity,
And thus perfect his hospitality.