Stanza 47


The honored guests indulge their appetites
By shoveling the various delights
Upon unleavened bread, and this they eat.
Then with another piece of bread repeat
The operation 'til the tasty food
Has satisfied their hunger and renewed
The energy that keeps their bodies hale.
The visitors in unison exhale,
And sigh to make their satisfaction known.
The host rejoices when he hears each groan
Then tells his nephew, "You can take the tray
And tell the women they should not delay
Replacing it with baklawa and cream."
The patriarch is held in high esteem
As are the visitors who came to dine,
So Musa's cousin hastens to consign
The remnants of the ayatollah's meal
Unto the women, who in turn reveal
The sweet dessert which everyone desires.
The swap is made just as the host requires.