Stanza 49


Now after the dessert has been removed
The tasty meal is once again improved
When oranges are brought to serve each guest.
The ayatollah shows his interest.
Selecting ripened fruit he pares the rind
By using the small knife that is assigned
For just this purpose. Then the other men
Accept the knife and use it once again.
As each man carves the peal from off the fruit
Then eats the sections, there is no dispute.
They all agree the citrus fruit is sweet
And that the oranges are quite a treat.
Then after all the oranges are gone
The ayatollah indicates he's done
And does not want for anything at all.
His followers agree they can't recall
A time when they had ever satisfied
Their hunger in this way. They all decide
Their host provides such hospitality
As most becomes a man of dignity.