Stanza 50


Now as the hour of noon approaches fast
The local cleric knows that the repast
Is not complete and will not be until
He serves the tea. When it is served he will
Be signaling the guests it's time to leave,
So first he tells the sayyid, "I believe
I heard you tell the villagers today
That after noon prayers you'll be on your way.
Have your plans changed or is this your intent?"
The ayatollah answers him, "I meant
To use the plan that I explained before
And I will not delay departure more
Than God is willing to require of me."
So to conclude his hospitality
The host next calls for sweet tea to be brought.
His nephew pours the liquid steaming hot
Within a two ounce cup that he refills
As often as the ayatollah wills.
Then after serving the most honored guest
The nephew pours the tea for all the rest.