Stanza 54


The mayor in reply says, "You're correct.
Such arrogance exceeds what I expect
From even one who loves inciting war,
Refusing mercy from The Pardoner
Instead of yielding to The Majesty
Whose will is executed by decree
And humbles or exalts as He decides.
This sinner with iniquity resides
And proved that he does not respect his host.
When he came to my house he made the most
Outrageous and preposterous requests,
'That picture is so pretty. It suggests
Discriminating taste you have refined.
This carpet was exquisitely designed.
That chair is gorgeous. This one is as well.
If they are made here locally, please tell
Me where I could acquire another set
Just like your own.' I never will forget
The way my generosity fell prey
To his rapacious appetite that day."