Stanza 55


The ayatollah offers sympathy.
"To so exploit your hospitality
Must be expected of this infidel.
As guest his conduct is as terrible
As when he counterfeits to entertain.
These men here fully suffered his disdain
When visiting that undeserving fool.
But let us not allow that minuscule
Deceiver to abuse us any more
Than God allows. For though we would restore
The golden dome to glory and renown,
It is not right to sacrifice this town
So that the shrine can please the pilgrims' eyes.
Our goal has changed. The soldiers may despise
Us as incapable of fighting back.
Let them in disbelief plot their attack!
They soon will learn that God can plot as well
And is the best of plotters. He'll compel
The sinner in His time to acquiesce
And demonstrate submissive humbleness.