Stanza 75


"I understand you, Hammer," he replied.
"In two more minutes I will be inside
The square, so please distract the multitude."
"That is a roger Romeo. Conclude
Delivery of half of the platoon,
And I will follow with my own as soon
As you inform me that your task is done."
With this communication Hammer spun
His chopper toward the place where raven stood.
He hovered where the rotor downwash would
Impose its blast upon the rioters
And taken by surprise the villagers
Fall back from where the second squad maintained
A tough perimeter which still restrained
The people clamoring to end their lives.
The anger they exhibit still survives
But frightened of the chopper they retreat.
The chopper pilot started to repeat
The circuit he had flown, but then he heard
That Romeo's two squads had left his bird.