Stanza 74


Now as the other phrog got off the ground
It's pilot called to say that he was bound
With 2 more squads to where the others wait,
And Hammer told him, "Romeo, go straight
To the southeastern corner of the square,
And keep your chopper low. If you take care
The people in the marketplace won't know
That you have landed troops there, Romeo.
As you approach, I will distract the mob,
So you should have a fairly easy job.
Then after you release the men you bring
We'll coordinate, so while you're exiting
The square, I'll land my troops as you depart.
This might confuse the people from the start
So they will think your phrog and mine are one.
If they don't know the truth until were done
With exfiltration of the infantry
Then that will be agreeable to me.
Your men will hold the landing zone with mine
'Til Raven brings his forces through the line."