Stanza 79


The XO soon reported the bad news,
"Sir, we have nothing more that we can use
To help ID the corpse that was retrieved.
The fingerprints were scanned, but it achieved
No matches in the J2's database.
The S2 filed the paperwork to place
The prints on file, and maybe CIA
Or State will contact us some other day.
However, I expect we're wasting time.
The boy was innocent of any crime
And there won't be a record anywhere."
The colonel listened to the man declare
What in his heart he knew the truth would be.
"XO, we need a strong apology
To demonstrate remorse for what was done.
If we convince the parents that their son
Was killed because of our sincere belief
That he was hostile, they might in their grief
Forgive us and allow us to retain
The townfolks' friendship rather than disdain."