Stanza 80


Now while the CO struggled to redeem
The sorry situation with his team,
The villagers lament young Qasim's death.
The loud crescendo peaks with every breath
And sobs cut off the sounds of great distress.
The loudest voice that no one can repress
Is Qasim's mother's which proclaims despair.
She stresses this by ripping out her hair
And crying out, "Where did they take my son?
The callous murderers should not have run
Away with Qasim's body and defiled
The corpse. We never can be reconciled
With such ungodly men. We can't forgive
Their actions. We have no alternative
But to destroy them. May God show his wrath
And force the unbelievers down the path
To where he will consign them to the flames!"
The other people also shout their claims
Against the men who wickedly invade
Without a thought that they would be repaid.