Stanza 87


The colonel said, "My men are innocent.
I will not give them up for punishment
So undeserved. I beg you think it through.
My men were very careful to review
The situation and they only shot your son
Because he shouted threats at everyone.
United States Marines do not tell lies
Or cheat or steal, and all of us despise
Dishonest men. This terrible mistake
Was not intentional. For heaven's sake,
Believe us when we honestly proclaim
Our actions are not worthy of the blame
That you assign." But still the mullah yells,
"You and your men will suffer all of hell's
Chastisements for continuing in sin.
You proved you aren't sincere, and deep within
Your hearts you know the truth that I declare.
I will not listen to you and I swear
That no one in the whole community
Will grant forgiveness or give clemency!"