Stanza 88


The mayor joins his aggravated friend,
"It's unbelievable how you contend
That you are honest and you do not steal.
Your theft is far too blatant to conceal,
And now you lie about this horrid deed
As if you had not planned and then decreed
The callous murder your subordinates
Have perpetrated here. No advocates
Could possibly defend this sinful act,
And since you do, we must conclude as fact
That you have masterminded this foul scheme."
The colonel had attempted to redeem
The situation, but he now lost hope
As in despair he recognized the slope
Down which he quickly slid would terminate
In an abyss that could eradicate
His chances to renew diplomacy.
So though he keenly felt the agony,
He now returned the corpse and left this place,
And with his men, departed for the base.