Stanza 92


Now Musa lights an incense stick so smells
Of death his brother's lifeless corpse expels
Will not evince a comment of disgust
From those who wash away the grime and dust.
With gentle care, the clothing of the boy
Is taken off. The pious men employ
A cloth to cover what should not be seen,
And with this obstacle placed in between
The private parts and the attendants' eyes,
Responsibly, each person verifies
That he will not be guilty of the sin
Which comes from looking at their naked kin.
Next Musa's father puts on gloves to spare
His hands from making contact with the bare
And unclean flesh while washing dirt away.
Then Musa lets the water gently spray
Upon the body to completely wet
The corpse to help remove the dust and sweat.
His father scrubs from navel to the thighs
With cotton swabs that gently he applies.