Stanza 93


The mullah changes cloths from time to time
As they absorb the bits of dirt and grime,
And washes gently with each pristine rag
Until the latest washcloth fails to drag
A single particle and comes back clean.
Then rubbing a large bar of soap between
His hands, he raises suds to wash once more
The area that he had cleaned before.
With this completed, everybody joins
To change the cloth that covers Qasim's loins.
And now from head to toe the suds are used
To purify the corpse that was abused.
All dirt and grime is gently washed away
And the attendants studiously pay
Attention to the nails and to each ear,
So all impurities will disappear.
The cleric wipes the corpse concentrically
To clean it by caressing lovingly,
Until they're ready for the principal
Ablutions to prepare for burial.