Stanza 95


With cotton blocking Qasim's sex from view
The former covering is doffed in lieu
Of this. Then camphor is combined with soil
From Karbala (where lies the saint whose toil
And sacrifice opposed the most unjust
Usurper of the privilege and trust
Belonging to Muhammad's house. This gives
Sufficient reason to each man who lives
To honor him and render great respect,
Remembering how blameless and correct
The grandson of the prophet had endured
The vengeance of the tyrant who incurred
The wrath of God and all true followers
Of The Most Great.) The cleric who insures
The proper application of hunut,
Endeavors to confirm each attribute
Is done according to the sharia.
The camphor mixture now is placed by law
Upon the forehead. Then palms, knees, and toes
Receive their portion, followed by the nose.