Stanza 94


Three baths must now be given to the dead.
Each bath begins with washing of the head
And then proceeds to purify the right
Side, then the left. The mullah must recite
Before each bath the phrase, "In Allah's name,
I give this bath to the deceased." The same
Expression must each time be modified
So that the treatment can be specified.
First water mixed with juice from sidr leaves
Is used to wash, and after it achieves
What God intended when He had ordained
This holy bath, the water which contained
The camphor is applied. Then finally,
They clean with purest water carefully.
Each time the water runs without a break
From top to bottom so that no mistake
Will render the required ablutions void.
To dry the corpse a towel is employed
And it is used with gentleness and calm.
Then, since the baths are finished, they embalm.