Stanza 10


Now Musa's cousin fills the cup again
And hands it to the next most senior man,
While Musa gives the ayatollah bread,
Who takes it with a shaking of his head
And turning with a twinkle in his eye
To Musa's father says, "You can't deny
That this young fellow serving with delight
Is your son Musa. Tell me I'm not right!"
But Musa's father answers, "Not today.
It's been five days since Musa went away,
And Abu Hassan stands before you now,
And all of us expect him to endow
Our family with other sons as well."
Then all the visitors proceed to tell
How Musa has received the greatest good,
Congratulating him on fatherhood
And thanking God for giving him a son.
So Musa basks in praise from everyone
Rejoicing in his new found dignity
And status in the small community.