Stanza 9


Now Musa enters where the men remained.
The guests are waiting to be entertained
And have been seated in the honored spot
That normally is Musa's father's lot.
But seeing them results in great chagrin
For Musa counts four guests who now within
His home must all be more than satisfied
With what his family will now provide.
He hands his younger cousin the carafe
Then tears already meager rolls in half,
And follows close behind his relative,
Preparing to present what he will give
The ayatollah and his followers.
Then to refresh the weary travelers
His cousin fills the cup and offers it
To quench the thirst of the old mujtahid,
Who with a grateful smile accepts the drink
And quickly makes the water level shrink.
His host refills the empty cup anew
Until the cleric indicates he's through.