Stanza 12


Now Musa brings the rough equivalence
In dinars of twelve dollars fifty cents
To give his mother who will now assign
The tasks to which the women will confine
Themselves until they have prepared a meal
That to the ayatollah's tastes appeal.
And so the matriarch says, "By and large,
If we're not careful they will overcharge
Us in the marketplace, if anyone
Finds out the reason that we have begun
The preparations for a feast so grand.
Now, if I am correct, I understand
The butcher does not go to morning prayers
But rather acts as if his own affairs
Are more important than salat sublime.
If Fatima arrives right at the time
He opens shop he likely will not know
The sayyid entered town not long ago
And we can not make do with less than lamb.
So Fatima, you will attempt this scam.