Stanza 13


First, ask for beef. I know just what he'll do.
He'll offer lamb to try enticing you
To spend more money in that craven's store,
And when he does, protest that lamb costs more.
Then say unless he has a special price
That you can not afford to sacrifice
Your dinars on a luxury so fine,
'So sorry, mister, but I must decline.'
From there, the bargaining will be intense
And you will have to use your common sense
To get the price as low as possible.
Remember, that to be hospitable
A kilo and a half is just enough,
So make the silly man believe your bluff.
Then, after you have left the butcher shop,
Buy rice and beans and bread at your next stop.
An onion and a garlic clove can't hurt
And something sweet to serve them for dessert.
Buy oranges picked freshly from the tree,
And to conclude, some aromatic tea."