Stanza 14


Now Fatima accepts her mother's plan,
But tells her, "Mother, there's an awful man.
He is the butcher's nasty bachelor son
And I don't like him. I would rather shun
That shop than risk my valued modesty."
Her mother answers, "You don't have to be
Concerned with what that single man will do.
I'll send your brother Suleiman with you.
Now, Suleiman, you must remain alert.
Don't let that fellow think that he can flirt
With Fatima, and if he plays around
Don't be afraid to shove him to the ground,
But chances are, mere words will do the trick,
And he'll end his harassment mighty quick."
So Suleiman, a boy who's six years old
Is eager for his chance to prove how bold
And fearless he defends from any shame
The honor of his sister's virtuous name.
Then as the women plan the day with care
They're interrupted by the call to prayer.