Stanza 16


Each worshiper approaches with intent
To wash himself and be most diligent
In preparation to get close to God,
And meet the obligation now to laud
In prayer. Then taking water from the fount
In his right hand, he uses this amount
To wash his face from forehead to the chin,
Including underneath the beard, the skin
Which is not covered by his facial hair.
Then after this, continues with great care
To wash each forearm, starting with the right,
From elbow to the fingertips. He might,
If pious, do these brief ablutions twice,
But it's forbidden to perform them thrice.
Then wiping off his right hand on his head
From top to front, the water droplets shed
Some moisture there. Last starting with his toes,
He wipes his feet, until the moisture goes
Up to the ankle. Then once the man is not
Impure, he enters -- ready for salat.