stanza 17


And now the Ayatollah leads the rest
In prayer. Each worshiper declares his best
Intention to perform the dawn salat,
And by committing as each Muslim ought,
Be closer to Allah. Once this is said,
The faithful raise their hands beside the head
And say the phrase, "Allah, He is Most Great!"
Then bringing down the hands they replicate,
With strident voices joined in unison,
The chapter which begins the blessed Quran.
The congregation next in unity
Recites the sura called "Sincerity".
Then bowing from the waist, three times they say
"To God be glory." After this they pray
And supplicate with hands cupped out before
The worshiper. Then prostrate on the floor,
They glorify Allah. They kneel and fall
Again, and words at each position all
Recite. They go through two Rakat and then
The Tashahhud. Last, the Salam's the end.