Stanza 39


Now Musa quickly takes the baby boy
To where the frightened women reemploy
Their efforts to prepare the tasty meal.
He then returns and hastens to reveal
To those who stayed behind, a tale of woe.
"No person should have had to undergo
The things we had to suffer at the base.
The sayyid suffered horrible disgrace.
Those wicked soldiers forced him to remove
The turban which proclaims that he can prove
He is descended from the messenger
Whom God had sent as our deliverer."
At Musa's words in anger they react.
That anyone would willingly detract
From honor that is due His Eminence
Is shocking, and they leap to his defense.
The outrage in their hearts is given voice
And loudly every man proclaims his choice
To reckon the marines as enemies
And instantly unleash hostilities.