Stanza 40


Their righteous anger echoes through the room
And zealous passions threaten to consume
The people who react to this attack.
Accordingly, they hurl abuses back
At those who demonstrated such intent
To harm the sayyid. Forcefully they vent
Their angry humor and the tirades last
Until they feel as if they can't lambast
The evil soldiers more than they have done.
Next, Ibrahim recounts to everyone
The way the colonel's reckless disregard
For Musa's baby had so badly jarred
The local men who went to offer truce,
"It's fortunate I did not introduce
You, Abu Hassan, by the name you earned.
If that lieutenant colonel had returned
Your greeting having known your baby's name,
Against your infant son his deadly aim
Would have been accurate and more precise.
I'm glad I did not give him this advice."