Stanza 41


So Musa answers him, "Thanks be to God
Who gave you wisdom to prevent that fraud
From causing greater damage to my boy!
But don't forget that he with open joy
Did not reciprocate the wish we gave
That peace be to his house. The haughty knave
Accepted this as if it were his due
And thanked us for desiring to renew
The vindication of his arrogance.
The sequence of these horrible events
Gave warning of his hostile attitude
Allowing you to logically conclude
That he could not be trusted in this way."
This story fills the others with dismay.
To hear that anyone would not return
This greeting and instead would choose to spurn
The friendship that was offered fuels their rage,
And once again the room becomes a stage
For launching diatribes against the foe
Who, unprovoked, had used the envoys so.