Stanza 42


The gathered men continue their harangues
Expressing loudly how their mental pangs
Are so excessive that they can't endure
The anguish that has generated pure
And righteous hatred of the evil man.
They further curse the vile American
For his attempt to harm a little child,
And as his list of vices is compiled
Each new depravity is cataloged
As evidence the colonel should be flogged.
Yet even that would not atone for all
The sins committed by this criminal.
The sayyid's driver next takes up the tale,
"The wicked man does more than just assail
The honest residents within this town.
He also wants to beat their spirits down
And humble them the way he did the mayor.
I've never heard of crimes which can compare
With how he stole your leader's property
By preying on his generosity."