Stanza 69


Now once the second squad had verified
The boy they killed was innocent and died
Because of their mistake, they felt remorse.
While they were justified in using force
To kill the boy who shouted epithets,
The officer wished he had known the threats
The boy had made could not be realized.
For now they knew the villagers despised
Them and the sergeant heard them yell,
"You murderers! The Greatest will compel
You to regret the crimes that you have done.
He is The Arbiter of everyone
And you can not escape His punishment.
You can not hope to live. You must repent!"
He told the leader of the first platoon,
"If reinforcements do not reach us soon
We may be forced to fight to get away."
The officer replied, "I will convey
Our situation to the base HQ,
So hold the squad together while I do."