Stanza 70


Now at communications in the base
The call came in that in the marketplace
The second squad had need of comrades fast,
And so the officer on duty passed
The orders that would reinforce the men
With the reserve that up 'til then had been
Awaiting any call to offer aid.
The information quickly was relayed
And as the rotors of the phrog began
To turn, two squads entrusted with the plan
Now went on board the CH-46.
The pilot lifted off and took his fix
Upon a landmark that would guide his course
To where his passengers could reinforce
The 2nd squad which had proclaimed its need.
But as the helicopter picked up speed
The pilot's headset crackled with the news
From the lieutenant, "Hammer, you must choose
A landing zone some distance from the crowd.
These people are unlikely to be cowed."