Stanza 71


The chopper pilot soon was overhead
Confirming what the officer had said
Who waited for his comrades to arrive.
He saw the crowd of angry people strive
Against the second squad whose bayonets
Reduced the villagers to making threats
Instead of tearing the marines apart.
The pilot asked him, "Raven, can you start
In the direction of the village square?"
He answered, "Hammer, we can soon be there.
The villagers retreat when we advance
And we should quickly cover that expanse."
The pilot stated, "Raven, you should wait
Right there. I do not want to complicate
Your situation 'til we can secure
A landing zone. Then once we can assure
That you approach a safe perimeter,
I'll let you know so that we can confer
About the way to help your squad escape.
Don't lose your head and you'll be in good shape."