Stanza 72


Then as the chopper headed for the square
The pilot calculated what the bare
Requirements were to cover the defense
Around the landing zone. With such intense
Reaction from the crowd a full platoon
Was needed if a large enough cocoon
Was to be manned around the landing zone.
Two squads could not protect it on their own,
And so the pilot radioed the base,
"Intrepid, Hammer here. I'm at the place
Where Raven needs assistance to retreat.
The problem is, two squads can not complete
A wide enough perimeter to land
A phrog inside, so if you would command
That Romeo deliver those who stayed
Behind at base, the plan that I have made
Should work." In confirmation, "Hammer, He
Will soon be on the way." So carefully
The pilot of the chopper chose the site
Where second squad would end their current plight.