Stanza 73


While Romeo was loading up his phrog
The other pilot tried to catalog
The dangers second squad would undergo
Along the route to safety through the foe.
He kept the chopper moving through the air
So villagers would not suspect the square
Would be important to the end result,
And called his crew chief, "I need to consult
The gunny who commands the men we fly,"
So soon the NCO was standing by.
"Now, gunny, second squad remains south east
Of the position where you'll be released.
They'll come to you. Secure the landing zone
Against the noncombatants who are prone
To be unhappy with marines today.
The people showed no weapons, and they stay
Away from bayonets. This tactic ought
To be preferred, because a rifle shot
Is why the angry multitude now strives
Against the squad, endangering their lives."