Stanza 8


Then after all are dressed most decently
A call comes out that Musa now is free
To enter, which he does with greatest haste
And tells his mother, "We've no time to waste.
What can you give me so we can refresh
The one descended from the prophet's flesh,
The righteous guardian of the golden dome
Who honors us within our humble home."
Then Musa's mother hands the water jug
To Musa with a half despairing shrug
And in addition gives him three small rolls.
Then Musa hugs his mother and consoles
Her saying, "We will make this do to start.
When after everyone has done his part,
If God is willing, we will have at least
Enough provisions to prepare a feast.
I have two-hundred fifty dinar here
And I will see what I can commandeer
From all the others. Shortly I'll be back.
We'll make an appetizer of this snack."