Stanza 81


The local cleric with each cry and groan
Makes his unhappiness and rancor known.
He cries to God, "When will your judgement be
Imposed upon our evil enemy?
My son is dead. They took his corpse away.
We can not bury Qasim and we pray
That The Avenger will unleash his rage
And pay the infidel a fearsome wage.
May all their treasure, in the fires of hell,
Be heated as a brand. May God compel
Their foreheads, sides, and backs to feel the brand
To punish them for using what He planned
For righteous causes in repulsive sin."
Now Fatima contributes to the din,
"They had no reason to assassinate
My brother Qasim or to confiscate
His body so he can not be interred.
I saw them kill him and know what occurred.
He never hurt them. He did not insult
Them or deserve to suffer their assault."